DevOps News Roundup | Deploy to Production

Adam Mackay • 2 minutes • 2018-11-26

DevOps News Roundup | Deploy to Production

New White Paper Released#

This week Verifa released the first in a series of white papers designed to help you bring DevOps to your organization. The first in the series can be downloaded from here... DevOps white paper

DevOps hits Mainstream Media#

The Telegraph ran a piece on DevOps this week. Titled 'Why DevOps should be the norm for all IT departments' the article is a well-written piece by Madeline Bennett. It covers the main business reasons behind adopting a DevOps approach to development. It is worth a read.

What DevOps Really Means#

One of our blog posts got picked to feature in the Software Engineering section of Medium this week. It's a casual introduction to the concepts behind the DevOps movement. We will be building on this theme over the coming months, be sure to sign-up to our newsletter so you don't miss a post. Read the article here, An engineers take on the latest buzzword in tech.

Survey Says: Digital Transformation is Hard#

I read an excellent article on this week. It looks at the realities behind transforming modern business. The survey has uncovered the uncomfortable truth that this stuff is hard. Some great reasons to bring in external expertise to help achieve your transformation goals.

Eclipse SW360#

Software today is not built from scratch, but rather assembled from various prepackaged third-party software components. SW360 is an open source software project licensed under the EPL-1.0 that provides both a web application and a repository to collect, organize and make available information about software components.
Verifa are pleased to be formally recognized as supporting this project, alongside industry heavyweights Siemens and Bosch.

Embedded Sofware Engineering Kongress#

The ESE Kongress - Germany's Largest Congress for Professional Embedded Software Engineering takes place next week in Stuttgart. The week will see presentations from industry leaders in the embedded software space. Verifa will be presenting our work in Continuous Delivery pipelines on the 6th. If you are attending, we would be pleased to meet you.
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