Deep Dive into a Modern CI Pipeline

Verifa • 1 minutes • 2019-01-10

Deep Dive into a Modern CI Pipeline

We help companies adopt and mature their Continuous Integration (CI) practices.

This webinar will briefly introduce a common CI evolution and its common pitfalls with tools like Jenkins. We will then take a hands-on approach and show a demo environment that Verifa has setup using the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), with a typical CI stack all running in Docker-based environments with all configurations stored as code.

The demo will be based around some open source projects which we have Dockerized and CI-enabled, illustrating how you can transform any of your existing projects, following best practices (such as infrastructure and configuration as code) for a scalable, maintainable and resilient CI environment.

The demo will simulate a Null Release workflow; going from a developer change to a release candidate by using automatically assessing all code changes. Unlike more traditional CI setups where static analysis and unit testing is performed, we also considered aspects such as: architectural compliance, architectural erosion and open source software compliance.

Whether you are already practicing CI, or looking for ways to improve your current setup, then please sign up!

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