Abhigita’s Learning Diary

Abhigita Kalaiyarasan • 6 minutes • 2023-12-21

Abhigita’s Learning Diary

My wonderful one-week experience at Verifa was incredibly enriching. I learned a great deal and had the opportunity to meet awesome people.


Today marks the beginning of my Verifa experience 😃. I am filled with a mix of curiosity, excitement, and anticipation. My main objectives for today are to gain an understanding of how Verifa operates and to expand my knowledge in the IT-field.

As I stepped into the Verifa office, I was warmly greeted by Lauri, who quickly took me into a world filled with interesting topics. Lauri gave me a tour of the premises and introduced me to Verifa's wonderful feature — an amazing hot cocoa machine! Lauri also taught me some Linux command line, giving me a new understanding of this complex field.

The morning began with a meeting, where I had the great pleasure of meeting more colleagues. Then, for a bit of fun, Lauri introduced me to a fantastic game called KLASK. Despite my best efforts I lost with a final score of 2-6. After a delicious bowl of ramen for lunch, I once again entered the KLASK battle arena, this time with Anoop. Unfortunately luck was not on my side and I faced defeat once more. However, despite my losses, I really enjoyed the game, and it reminded me of the importance of perseverance and the pleasure of friendly competition!

As the day went on, Lauri guided me through the complex world of programming. With his help, I successfully created my very first web application, a great use of the knowledge I had gained throughout the day.

As the sun sets on this important day, I find myself reflecting on the abundance of new knowledge, experiences, and connections that I have gained. And to capture my learnings, I’m documenting my thoughts and experiences in this diary.

New knowledge gained:

  • Linux command line
  • A deeper understanding of the company
  • Creating a web application


On my second day at work, I woke up feeling just as excited as the day before, if not more. I was eager to get to the office and jump into another day of learning and new experiences. As soon as I arrived, I joined Lauri in the exciting task of publishing the website application we had worked on the previous day. It was amazing to know that my work had reached a global audience! I also had the pleasure of meeting Mike, another colleague in the office.

Later on, Lauri and I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with an external partner. It was incredibly interesting to see how business development was going and learn more about the different roles within the company. After the meeting, Lauri, Mike, Anoop, and I decided to treat ourselves to a delicious sushi brunch at a nearby restaurant.

In the afternoon, Lauri showed me a funny website he had created about cats, which I made some changes to. We then published the updated site globally, which was an exciting moment! I also joined Thierry’s Git training, and it was definitely the best way someone could have explained Git 😄. I learnt so much and had fun.

Throughout the day, I continued to expand my knowledge by learning more commands and terms related to programming. Each new piece of information added to my understanding of the work everyone does in a company.

As the day came to a close, I reflected on how much I had learned and grown in just two days. Every experience contributed to my professional development and fueled my excitement for the days ahead. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

New knowledge gained:

  • Publish a website
  • Git


Today was an incredibly interesting and eventful day. It began with a refreshing morning yoga session and a delicious breakfast at the office, setting the perfect tone for the day ahead 🧘‍♀️.

After the relaxing yoga, I had the pleasure of meeting Carole and Jacob. Carole kindly took the time to explain her role in the company and provide a comprehensive overview of how marketing functions. It was truly eye-opening to gain knowledge about the inner workings of the company.

Carole also guided me through the process of creating blog posts and how to promote them on various social media platforms such as X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Facebook. I then had the exciting task of writing social media posts for Lauri’s blog.

After an engaging and productive morning, Lauri, Carole, and I decided on a delicious Korean food experience for today’s lunch! After lunch, Carole and I continued our collaboration by uploading the social media posts we had worked on earlier to the social media scheduler.

As the day drew to a close, I went through the multitude of experiences and knowledge I had gained. I’m looking forward to the adventures and learning opportunities that tomorrow holds.

New knowledge gained:

  • Marketing
  • Writing and uploading social media content
  • Creating blogs


Today is an extraordinary day because of the transportation strike, which has led me to work remotely 💼. This is a unique experience with reduced communication but an equal amount of work to be done. The morning kicked off with a video call with Lauri, where we delved into command line some more, and explored the basics of Git. It was a fascinating and informative session that provided me with new knowledge and insights into these areas..

After the call with Lauri, I had a video meeting with Carole about market research and competitive analysis. It was interesting to see the strategies, methods and tools used to stay updated and informed about the market. I was amazed by her organizational skills and attention to detail. I spent some time researching and updating the tracking system which was a great opportunity for me to learn and understand its importance in the business world.

Later in the day, Carole gave me a market research task. I really enjoyed working on this task as it allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained so far. I conducted thorough research and gathered valuable information about the market. It was an enriching experience that deepened my understanding of market research and its significance in making informed business decisions.

Overall, today has been an eventful and productive day. Despite the challenges posed by the transportation strike, I have been able to continue my work remotely and engage in meaningful learning experiences. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to expand my knowledge and skills, thanks to the guidance and support of Lauri and Carole.

New knowledge gained:

  • Remote work life
  • Market research
  • Using Git


Today is a bittersweet day. It marks the end of my experience at Verifa 😞, but I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge I have gained within the IT field. During my time at Verifa, I had the privilege of meeting many new people who generously shared their knowledge with me. These interactions expanded my understanding of the company.

As I prepare to leave Verifa, I carry a sense of accomplishment and excitement for the future. I am confident that the experiences and connections I have made here will serve as valuable building blocks for my professional journey. We took a group photo in the morning and are about to join a Friday morning meeting.

I am grateful for every new piece of information I gained and all the people I met. I thank the awesome crew at Verifa for giving me this wonderful experience 🙏.


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6 minutes

Abhigita’s Learning Diary

My wonderful one-week experience at Verifa was incredibly enriching. I learned a great deal and had the opportunity to meet awesome people.



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