The Lazy Game Dev's Guide to Automation

Zach Laster • 1 minutes • 2023-05-30

The Lazy Game Dev's Guide to Automation

The Nordic Game Conference is Europe's leading games conference, held twice a year in Malmö and Helsinki. It was great to be invited to record a session for the Malmö event on May 23-26, 2023, on one of my favorite subjects - automation in games development.

Push a change, see it live on in minutes, using free services. A non-technical guide to automating builds, deploying to users and eliminating other drudgery. Spend less time on tedious tasks, and spend more time actually developing your game by invisibly incorporating modern CI/CD techniques into your workflows.

If you need any help with automating game builds get in touch!


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The Lazy Game Dev's Guide to Automation

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