Accessing HashiCorp Vault credentials in Kubernetes [webinar]

Verifa • 1 minutes • 2022-11-22

Accessing HashiCorp Vault credentials in Kubernetes [webinar]

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With the ever rising security threats, organizations should be striving to keep their secrets a secret. HashiCorp Vault provides centralized and auditable secrets management using short-lived access tokens to prevent secrets sprawl and reduce the attack surface for your applications and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Join Jacob Lärfors, CEO of Verifa and Erkan Djafer, Senior Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp, to learn about:

  • An overview of HashiCorp Vault and its use cases
  • How HashiCorp Vault can keep your secrets in Kubernetes secure
  • An overview of different methods for getting secrets into Kubernetes workloads


Jacob Lärfors is CEO and co-founder of Verifa. He’s a HashiCorp aficionado, with years of experience with cloud technologies and continuous practices.

Erkan Djafer has a decade of experience with networking, security and infrastructure. He’s Senior Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp, and an experienced professional with a strong public speaking background and holds a number of speaking awards, including Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live. His main-expertise is Cloud-Based security.


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