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Software is the world's most critical resource and we feel very strongly about how it's made.

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Open Source Advocates

Every member of the Verifa team shares a passion for open source software and it's always the first place we go to look for a solution. We believe that knowledge sharing and community building are essential for the health and prosperity of our industry. Open source software enables rapid prototyping and experimenting, but comes with inherent risks. We apply our knowledge and experience to help you use open source software confidently and effectively.


Customer Centricity

With every customer our goal is always the same - to find and implement a solution that meets their needs. In each case the solution will be different, but the end goal never changes. Our business is based on building trust and long-lasting relationships. We believe that what is best for you is ultimately best for us, and if we're not comfortable with your scope of work we won't take it on. We only engage with customers when we have absolute confidence in our ability to help them.


Continuous Improvement

At Verifa we take the same attitude to personal development as we do to the codebase. For us Continuous Improvement is a way of life and as a company we allocate 20% of all office hours for training and upskilling. We use this time to work on open source projects, build plug-ins, write blogs, and experiment with new tools. Our company-wide commitment to ongoing self-improvement also allows us to deliver the most up to date solutions for our customers.


Company Culture

Having a strong company culture is a fundamental part of DevOps and we put a lot of effort into maintaining our organization as a welcoming place where everyone feels valued. We set aside time each week for informal catch-ups and every year we gather everyone together for our annual meet-up, VeriConf. Some of our team members have important sounding job titles, but we don't believe in hierarchies. Our organization is flat, based on egalitarian principles, and focused on making each one of us the very best that we can be.

Our valued customers

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