About Us

Consulting is our game.

We are an experienced crew of DevOps and Cloud professionals dedicated to helping our customers with Continuous practices and Cloud adoption. We each bring our own specialities, experiences and know-how when collaborating on customer projects, tailoring services to our customers' individual needs.

Our Values

We are people not numbers. We are a team of diverse individuals working together, sharing and collaborating. We work to provide value, not to make money. Our work is stimulating and meaningful. Fun is mandatory.

Our Strategy

Open Source and Cloud.

everything is connected

Open source has and will continue to change the software industry. We want to do our part and support the open source community and help others build trust with open source.


We made friends with the cloud. It enables us to move faster and more flexibly. We can help you with your cloud journey so you can also benefit from it.

Our Crew

Do you want to get to know us better? Find out who we are as people and connect with us.

Our Crew

Qualified and certified to prove it.

round table

Join us.

We are always on the lookout for our next colleague to join us on our Veri-nice journey. Like what you see and want to know more?

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