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Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery is about being able to make minor changes and having the confidence and ability to deliver those changes, incrementally. By identifying and automating the tasks from build to test, we want to make delivering a common and natural task.

A Factory Production Line for Software Delivery

Our goal is to make software delivery as streamlined and automated as possible. Our vision is that software development and delivery will work like a factory production line; develop quality code, let automation kick in, admire the output.

Below are the areas that we assess and improve upon on our journey to continuous delivery.

Version Control

Software Build

Lots can be done to improve software builds. Modern build systems provide much better dependency management and high-level abstractions to help integrate a variety of different tasks. Furthermore, how can you truly trust your build until you can guarantee that it works in an isolated immutable environment? We want to create build systems that can be trusted, always repeatable and optimized for performance.

Quality and Security Assurance

Building quality and security into software requires building quality and security into the development process. Our vast knowledge of testing techniques and tools can enable your team to truly deliver to the highest possible quality, whilst building awareness and knowledge along the way. By applying quality gateways in the development process, we ensure this quality is integrated right from the start.

Automated Testing

Manual testing is no longer an option if you want to stay competitive. We can help implement automated functional, performance and system security testing to give you the confidence to deliver, continuously, and increase your competitive advantage. Digitalization of requirements and tests is a necessary step, enabling you to understand the impact of change and trace test results to ensure software does not regress.

Artifact Management

Managing build artifacts is like managing source code. Creating build artifacts daily that can be used for testing and having a well-defined promotion strategy are key to enabling Continuous Delivery. After all, it is not the source code that we want to ship but the output of the build. Additionally, we typically want to create different flavours of the build; a debug build for the bulk of testing and optimized release builds for non-functional testing.