DevOps Platform.

A Continuous Delivery Pipeline is made up of a collection of processes and tools that we interact with.

The Verifa DevOps Platform is a Pipeline as a Service

Tailored, Optimized, Maintained

We help advise, implement and maintain Continuous Delivery pipelines for our customers. A common unforeseen burden of adopting DevOps practices is the influx of new tools and underestimating the inherent domain knowledge required to setup and maintain these tools.

Using modern orchestration technologies, such as Kubernetes, we are able to effectively deploy, maintain and scale an entire platform of tools required for setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Pipeline as a Service.

On-Premise or Cloud-Based

The Verifa DevOps Platform can be deployed using existing infrastructure within your premises, or on scalable and self-managed cloud solutions, such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or a provider of your choice.

Our platform is encapsulated within orchestration technology and can therefore be easily transferred and scaled across your organization.

Continuously Deliver Your

Way to Success


Build and Tooling Infrastructure

We want to supercharge your tooling by making it useable on our platform. By containerizing build and test environments we can build and test faster, providing faster feedback to your development team.

Quality and Security Enabled

Together with our partners and experience of tools we can ensure your quality and security concerns are addressed through testing techniques as part of our platform.

Control and Visibility

Our platform will bring control over code being developed through quality gateways and comprehensive impact analysis techniques. By combining data from dev, test and operations we bring visibility to your software delivery process.