Infrastructure and Analytics.

Great infrastructure is important to all teams and can be a significant bottleneck to development velocity. By applying DevOps-style practices, such as: GitOps and Infrastructure as Code together with high levels of automation, worrying about infrastructure will become a thing of the past. Next, bolt on your analytics to take your DevOps journey to the next level

GitOps: Infrastructure Redefined

GitOps is the modern term for making Git repositories the source of truth for systems. These systems could be your end product or your delivery pipeline. What does this mean? It means applying all the great things with development to infrastructure!

Are we going to the Cloud yet?

We have helped several teams and organizations make their journey to the cloud. We give people the confidence, if required, and the knowledge, when needed, and the right technologies to help them take off to the cloud!

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Identify Development Bottlenecks

A.K.A. Hotspots

Using social code analysis we identify bottlenecks in your development velocity. By combining change history together with software complexity we correlate parts of code that are frequently changed with those that are complex to quickly identify candidates for refactoring to speed up your development.

Understanding Temporal Coupling

Temporal coupling cannot be identified by explicit dependencies in code but through implicit dependencies. Change history can identify these implicit dependencies by correlating parts of code that are frequently modified together. Understanding temporal coupling can significantly help reduce maintenance efforts by minimizing the impact of changes and thus reducing the chance of failure.