Helsinki Hashicorp User Group Meetup #3

Helsinki Hashicorp User Group Meetup #3

Join us on 7 December at 18.00 for the third Helsinki Hashicorp User Group meetup!

published November 21, 2021
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Helsinki Hashicorp User Group (HUG) is a quarterly meetup full of interesting talks and insights about all things Hashicorp, plus a chance to connect with fellow professionals and hobbyists alike.

The next Helsinki Hashicorp User Group will be hosted by Eficode, taking place in real life at their offices in Helsinki. There will be talks and demos, networking, snacks and sauna! This HUG is also an official Slush side event! The event will also be live streamed and recorded for those who prefer to join online.

Here come the details and registration:

Time: Tuesday, 7 December, 18.00-22.00

Place: Eficode, Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 25, Helsinki

The speaker line up goes like this:

Lauri Huhta from Eficode: "Secure infrastructure with Hashicorp - First steps into security with Vault and Boundary"

Lauri is a DevOps-consultant at Eficode specialising in building data-infrastructures. Lauri will be talking about taking the first steps into utilising Hashicorp tools to build secure infrastructures. The talk will be entry-level friendly with going over the basic functionalities of Vault and Boundary and demonstrating the process with a live demo.

Duy Nguyen and Dawit Nida from Supermetrics: “Using Packer and Terraform to manage multiple compute image versions”

Duy is an SRE Engineer at Supermetrics hailing originally from software development sphere and has taken part in a wide range of projects big and small on all levels of software development lifecycle.

Dawit is a Senior DevOps Engineer and one of the first members of Supermetrics' DevOps team. He's responsible for managing and monitoring the entirety of Supermetrics' infrastructure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Helsinki HUG follows Covid-19 best practices: You are required to present a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate, wear a mask and practice good hand hygiene. Masks and hand sanitizer are provided at the venue.

See you at the third Helsinki HUG!

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