Open Position: Cloud ArchitectOpen Position: Cloud Architect

Open Position: Cloud Architect

Seeking a cloud architect to help deliver expert services around all things continuous, cloud and devops to our customers

Possible Locations:

  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Göteborg, Sweden
  • Ravensburg, Germany

Competitive salary and benefits


The list of technologies depends on the customer project. Hence, what we have tried to do is summarise the common technologies that we come across. It is not expected that you will know all of these, and it should not be expected that you get to work with all of these at any one time.

  • Infrastructure/Config as Code

    • Terraform
    • Ansible
  • Orchestrators

    • Kubernetes
    • Nomad
  • CI/CD

    • Jenkins
    • GitLab CI
    • FluxCD
  • Cloud Providers

    • AWS
    • Azure
    • GCP
    • VMWare

Must Haves:

  • Solid experience with Linux
  • Solid experience with Networking
  • Ability to develop scripts and understand code with at least one major language (e.g. Python, Golang, C, Java, etc.)

Should Haves:

  • Experience with at least one cloud provider
  • Experience with infrastructure or configuration automation through tools like Terraform and Ansible
  • Experience with VM and container technologies
  • Understand the need for orchestrators and have experience with at least one (e.g. Kubernetes, Nomad or Docker Swarm)
  • Understanding of CI processes and its value

Nice to haves:

  • Practical experience with high-availability environments
  • Practical experience with monitoring applications and developing dashboards (e.g. Prometheus and Grafana)
  • Practical experience with regulated environments, such as Finance, Automotive or Medical
  • Team Lead, Project Management or other similar experience


We aim to provide our customers with expert consultancy services around all things continuous, cloud and devops. To achieve this, our consultants need to be constantly developing themselves and learn new technologies. To support this, we aim to give our consultants 20% of their working time to learn new skills, write blogs, give talks at conferences and/or complete certifications. Additionally, our projects are aimed at providing not individual consultants but the combined knowledge of Verifa, and as such, we expect you to work well with our other consultants and be happy to help support colleagues on other projects with the expectation that someone will return the favour to you.

Most of our projects involve public cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure) and our role is often to help our customers introduce more modern approaches to maintaining infrastructure and deploying applications. The nature of this work varies from project to project. Sometimes our role is to migrate on-premise environments into more modern and cloud-native approaches in the cloud. Other projects we just boost ongoing activities and try to bring the collective Verifa knowledge pool into that project.

You are expected to have a strong foundation in Linux, VMs, Containers, Orchestrators and Networking. You should be familiar with DevOps-style practices (such as CI, Infrastructure as Code, Test Automation, Monitoring). We do not expect you to know everything, because nobody does, but we expect you to be able to learn, develop yourself and deliver to the best of your ability.

We do not expect you to give presentations on topics you do not feel comfortable with, and we do not expect you to perform sales work. We will expect you to work independently and interact directly with our customers, and be able to effectively present your work, and any research or planning that you have done.

We believe in open source values and try to support the open source community through our work.

If this kind of role sounds interesting to you, please provide us with your CV or LinkedIn profile. We enjoy 15-30 minute discovery sessions if your profile and experience look suitable. We use this time to give you more information about Verifa and ask questions, and for us to understand your goals to make sure there is a common interest.

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