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What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery (CD) means always having code in a deployable state. We achieve this by streamlining our development cycles, automating our processes, and involving everyone on the team in a single, collaborative effort. That means developers, testers, ops and security, all working in harmony at every stage of the release cycle. Automation is a vital part of Continuous Delivery, but to become a mature Continuous Delivery organization you need to adopt cultural change as well as technical transformation.

Why choose Verifa as your CD partner?

Our priority on every project is to help our customers adopt only the tools and practices that are right for them. It's the key aspect of our customer-centric approach that seeks to build long-lasting relationships based on trust. Every member of the Verifa team is motivated by a desire to solve the world's software problems, and that means listening carefully to customer pain points before attempting to develop solutions. We're vendor agnostic, passionate advocates for open source, and our goal is always to deliver customization that meets your specific needs.

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Build and Tooling Infrastructure

Create a solid foundation by customizing a set of tools and infrastructure options that meet your requirements. We'll containerize your build and test environments so you can experiment freely and ship new features quickly and securely.


Quality and Security Enabled

Achieve effective end-to-end testing at every stage of your release cycle. We'll advise you on which tests to prioritize at different stages in the development process to ensure the next release is always secure and in compliance.


Control and Visibility

Enable data-driven decision-making through close monitoring of development, testing, and operations. We'll provide full visibility to your software delivery process by introducing comprehensive impact analysis techniques.

Release With Confidence

Essential Continuous Delivery Practices

Streamline and shorten release cycles. Provide visibility through automation to the release process.


Version Control

Distributed version control tools like Git provide your organization with a single source of truth for how you build software together. Safely integrate everyone's changes to the main branch without any confusion or uncertainty. Never hear the words, 'Well, it works on my machine!' ever again.


Automated Builds

Continuous Delivery relies on trusted build systems that are easily repeatable and optimized for performance. The environment for any build should be able to be quickly reproduced and automated on a neutral build server, so put your build processes into a build script and check it into version control. All your builds are now free from developer dependencies.


Quality and Security Assurance

Building quality and security into software has to start in the development process. By introducing tollgates to the development process, we can ensure quality is built in from the first line of code. Prioritize different types of testing during the development life cycle and develop a comprehensive QA strategy.


Artifact Management

Maintain control over how you build by storing all of your binaries, tools and dependencies in an artifact management system. This gives everyone centralized access to the same build artifacts, in version control, so that all your build environments share the same dependencies.


Automated Testing

Testing is the biggest barrier to Continuous Delivery, so it has to be automated if you're going to release frequently and with confidence. New test automation tools are eliminating many of the time-consuming tasks involved in manual testing and we'll advise on the best options for your pipelines.


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We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.

We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.

Our technology approach is vendor agnostic, solution based, and always focussed on the needs of our customers.

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