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Resilient, repeatable and scalable. For elite DevOps performance, Infrastructure as Code is essential.

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Building a solid foundation for DevOps

What do we mean by Infrastructure as Code?

To us, developing Infrastructure as Code means applying all of the well-known software development practices configurations, defined as code, that can automatically provisioning infrastructure, whether it be on-premise or in a cloud provider. This allows us to create repeatable, scalable, traceable and resilient infrastructure which enables us to minimize downtime and avoid costly mistakes. Trusting your infrastructure starts with knowing your infrastructure; infrastructure (and configuration) as code is the best way to achieve this.

Why choose Verifa as your infrastructure partner?

We develop all of our infrastructure solutions from a vendor agnostic starting point. Our process always begins with a detailed assessment of the customer's needs so that we can make knowledge based decisions and find the optimal combination of tools and processes. Whether you want to migrate to the cloud, or stay on premise, we can guide you through the process of adopting scalable, self-managed solutions in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and others. We'll also advise you on best practices with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

Building A Solid Foundation For DevOpsContact Us

Cloud Migration

Migrating your infrastructure and workflows to the cloud provides you with the ideal opportunity to truly transform your organization. We'll advise you on the cloud providers and solutions that best meet your needs, and create a roadmap so you can implement better DevOps practices along the way.


Infrastructure Monitoring

We'll help you find the right monitoring solution to give you end-to-end visibility over your entire IT infrastructure. Monitoring gives you the power to make data-driven decisions, maximizes your uptime, and helps you to detect problems as soon as they appear.


Continuous Improvement

Gain even deeper insights into your code quality with social code analysis. By understanding where your developers are at their busiest, and where the code is at its most complex, you can identify hidden bottlenecks and refactor the candidates that will increase development velocity.


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