Continuous Testing.

Continuous Delivery will only be successful if you have successful testing. Testing is not just running a tool and ticking a box. We work based on quality models, such as ISO/IEC 9126, to ensure we strategically cover all aspects of quality and select the methods and tools based on that goal. Our extensive experience and investment in R&D can help make your testing successful

The Breadth of Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis, by definition, just means static analysis of code (“doh!”) which is every type of analysis performed on code that is not executing. That includes activities like: code reviews, linting, style checking, some security analysis, architectural analysis and open source library identification (just to name a few).

We commonly encounter teams referring to their QA activities as “we have a static analysis tool”. For static code analysis activities to be successful, one must use a set of complementary static analysis tools, both in terms of type and results.

Unit and Integration Testing

Unit and integration testing is an art. It does not just start with creating tests, but it starts as soon as a piece of software is being designed. If software was not designed or developed to be tested, then testing it is likely going to be difficult. Whether you are starting a new project or catching up on testing debt our experience and knowledge will be able to help.