Continuous Delivery Workshop.

Our Continuous Delivery workshops help teams unlock their Continuous Delivery potential. We will help you understand your release process and create a backlog of improvements.


Value Stream Map

A Value Stream Map is a visual tool showing the series of events that take a product or service from the beginning of a process until it reaches its end (i.e. a Value Stream).

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a method for defining a Value Stream and analysing the current flow in order to remove waste and to derive a more lean and continuous workflow.

‘Verifa helped lead discussions around many topics which was useful in gaining a common understanding of what we can do to improve’.

— Olli Suihkonen, Visma Software Oy.

everything is connected

The Goal

The goal of our Value Stream Mapping workshop is to build a common understanding of your release process and highlight waste as effectively as possible.

Finding Waste

Waste is any activity that consumes resources, but does not add value to the product or service a customer receives. Less waste means more flow.

Types of waste.

Workshop stages.


Identify owner

The workshop owner has the mandate to drive the workshop and own the results from your side.


Define scope

Define the start and end of the Value Streams. Commonly we conduct planning interviews to set a structure for the workshop.


Schedule workshop(s)

Schedule the workshop(s), make it clear whether it is remote or in-person and all the equipment and software is available.

Continuous Delivery for Continuous Delivery.

The idea of implementing change in your software delivery is not too dissimilar from implementing change in your software itself, and should be done in a continuous way. View it as using Continuous Delivery for improving your Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery principles

Want to find out for yourself?

We want to help you unlock your Continuous Delivery potential and we believe in using Value Stream Mapping as a method for doing so. We are also a very experienced team of engineers which means we can also help you after the workshop with coaching and implementation.

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