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Continuous Delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous Delivery is about building a process where software is always releasable whilst ensuring short release cycles. Often the pains and struggles to help achieve this are not related to technology but stem from a fragmented release process with multiple handovers causing friction and delays.

What we believe

Every software team is slightly different and best practices are not a one-size-fits all. Our workshops and coaching help you unlock new potential by guiding you through your own Continuous Delivery journey. We will save you time by guard-railing you from common pitfalls, whilst learning from each other as we go.

Our Continuous Delivery workshops help teams unlock their Continuous Delivery potential. We will help you understand your release process and create a backlog of improvements.

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‘Best practices are a good solution to someone else's problem’

— Bosse Nyström, Chief of Wisdom, Verifa

Our Specialities
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Cloud Architecture.

Architecting for the cloud requires a lot of knowledge about different things. We want to make our knowledge and experience that we have gathered useful in our projects by sharing it with the teams that we work with through design sessions and workshops. Getting the right architecture and plan for the cloud give you a great leap in the right direction, so let us help you build an awesome cloud architecture.

Cloud Adoption.

We help teams adopt cloud (public or private) by helping in the architecting process and coaching teams with best practices (such as Infrastructure as Code). Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to be benefiting from the many wonderful things that the cloud delivers.

Cloud Operating Model.

A Cloud Operating Model defines how we operate the cloud, and typically for us, it defines how we provision, secure, connect, deliver and run things in the cloud. We can help you unlock your cloud operating model by applying our knowledge and experience for each of these activities.

Zero Trust Security.

Security is a multi-layer discipline and we apply the zero trust security model to everything we do. Through building awareness, approrpiate tooling and the necessary knowledge transfer want to deliver scalable and performant systems without compromising on security.

Cloud Native.

Developing cloud-native software requires knowledge about the cloud ecosystem. We want to help by sharing our knowledge, best practices and lessons learn to help teams adopt a modern approach to cloud-native development.

How we do it
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What are they?

Our workshops focus on knowledge sharing and self-discovery. By discussing and analyzing value streams, cloud architectures, development workflows, deployment strategies, and many more topics, we help teams understand more about the ecosystem and help them arrive at their own conclusions. This is fundamental transforming the way teams work because everyone knows why there is change.

Who are they for?

Our workshops are for any teams looking to change the way they work. They can span from a few hours to multiple days, meaning there is no big upfront investment. Whether you are starting a new project or looking to improve your current one, we are happy to hear from you and try to help. The very least we can offer a trusted opinion of your ways of working.

Our Continuous Delivery workshops help teams unlock their Continuous Delivery potential. We will help you understand your release process and create a backlog of improvements.

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How we do it
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You own your work.

To make changes long-lasting it is important that the knowledge and practices introduced stay with the teams who own the work. Hiring consultants to come in and implement everything for you can lead to a lack of knowledge and practices to own the work. We believe in coaching teams to empower them learn new practices and technology, therefore ensuring the ownership is clear.

High performing teams.

Building high performing teams means bringing everyone with you. Working alongside engineers with experience will boost productivity whilst building competence. We help teams adopt technologies like the Cloud, HashiStack and Kubernetes by doing the day-to-day work together, thereby training and solving real problems at the same time.

How we do it
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We have long-lasting relationships with customers who trust us to work alongside their teams and help solve all kinds of problems. We can deliver both short-term and long-term work. Whether you need help with Cloud, the HashiStack, Kubernetes, CI/CD workflows, or any related topic, we are here to be a trusted extension of your team.

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