Software Delivery Platforms.

Find the right platform abstraction to enable software delivery teams to deliver value faster.

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Agile and DevOps have enabled cross-functional and autonomous teams, but has also led to additional responsibilities for the product teams. As well as development of the software, they also need to support the infrastructure and daily operations. This causes additional cognitive load and takes time away from providing actual value.
A Software Delivery Platform seeks to reduce the cognitive load for software delivery teams, allowing them to focus on delivering value instead of firefighting. It’s a set of tools, processes and technologies that enable teams to build, test and deploy software more efficiently and reliably.

A well-designed platform removes the complexity of modern infrastructures by providing a human-friendly interface and a stable, self-serve environment, so that teams can focus on delivering value faster.

How we can help

Are your development teams struggling with the complexity of deploying and operating the software they build instead of focusing on delivering value? Don’t worry, there is HOPE!

Human-oriented Platform Engineering helps to define the ‘Golden Path’ for software teams to deliver value. It all begins with research on how teams work in order to create a proper "Platform Abstraction". This drives what the platform will do, who will use it, and what workflows it needs to fulfil.
Verifa helps teams to design and implement Software Delivery Platforms that decouple teams, allowing them to work independently and deliver value faster. Value Stream Assessments are our method for understanding team interactions and flow of delivery.

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