Value Stream Assessment.

Visualise your value streams to identify waste and highlight opportunities for faster flow.

An illustration of woman holding a magnifying glass up to a screen displaying source code.

Lean and continuous workflows

A Value Stream Map is a visual tool showing the series of events that take a product or service from the beginning of a process until it reaches its end, i.e. a Value Stream. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a method for defining a Value Stream and analysing the current flow in order to remove waste and to derive a more lean and continuous workflow.
The idea of implementing change in your software delivery is not too dissimilar from implementing change in your software itself, and should be done in a continuous way. View it as using Continuous Delivery for improving your Continuous Delivery.

How we can help

Our Continuous Delivery workshops help teams unlock their Continuous Delivery potential. We will help you understand your release process and create a backlog of improvements.

  • Visualise your release process
  • Pinpoint opportunities and waste
  • Get your whole team onboard
  • Justify investment

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