From DevOps Teams to Platform Teams and what did we solve?

Jacob Lärfors • 1 minutes • 2024-04-13

From DevOps Teams to Platform Teams and what did we solve?

DevOps Mamlö is a great community meetup about all things DevOps hosted by Foo Café. In March 2024 I travelled to South Sweden for a little holiday with my family, and spent one wonderful evening talking about DevOps Teams and Platform Teams, sharing my experiences and trying to help guide Platform Teams to focus on what matters: enabling your users.


DevOps was never intended to be a role, and certainly not the function of a team. However, many organisations looking to implement DevOps did what they do best: create a function around it and start a team. One can argue, however, that DevOps teams did ultimately have a positive impact. Since Platform Engineering became the latest hype, many teams are being rebranded from “DevOps” to “Platform” with an apparent focus on Developer Experience. With this new buzzword, can we finally figure out what DevOps teams were supposed to do?

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  1. DevOps Malmö
  2. Foo Café
  3. Build Abstractions Not Illusions • Gregor Hohpe • YOW! 2023

If you need any help with DevOps, Platform Engineering, Developer Experience or related topics, be sure to get in touch!


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From DevOps Teams to Platform Teams and what did we solve?

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