Our Work.

Continuously delivering for our customers.

We work with some of the most ambitious companies in the world across a range of industries including automotive, healthcare, maritime, telecommunications, industrial machinery and electronics. With every customer our goal is always the same: to solve problems and share knowledge. Our business is based on building trust and long-lasting relationships.


How we have helped.

Elasticsearch workshop for a Nordic software company



1 minutes

Elasticsearch workshop for a Nordic software company

During a one day workshop, Verifa helped a Nordic software development company design a reliable High Available Elasticsearch cluster for improved debugging and regulatory compliance.

Value Stream Mapping with Visma Software Oy



3 minutes

Value Stream Mapping with Visma Software Oy

During a two day workshop, Verifa helped create a Value Stream of Visma Software Oy's current delivery process that highlights opportunities for improvement on their Continuous Delivery journey.

Architectural Risk Assessment with Kommuninvest



2 minutes

Architectural Risk Assessment with Kommuninvest

During a three day workshop, Verifa helped assess the architecture of an application to identify the components to be refactored and perform different levels of impact analyses on relevant components and deliver a report.


What our customers say about us.

quote Olli Suihkonen, Visma

‘Verifa helped lead discussions around many topics which was useful in gaining a common understanding of what we can do to improve. We are very happy with the report Verifa prepared for us.’

— Olli Suihkonen, Visma

quote David Hoslett, Siemens Mobility

‘A key and crucial part of our Continuous Integration journey was having Verifa's involvement in holding-our-hands and giving us confidence while we moved our active projects to a CI methodology.’

— David Hoslett, Siemens Mobility

quote Laurent Muller, Vyaire Medical

‘We were looking for help with professionalising our Continuous Integration and software delivery platform whilst moving the setup to the cloud. Verifa was a very reliable partner in implementing a modern setup using their years of experience.’

— Laurent Muller, Vyaire Medical

quote Juha Mailisto, ABB Drives

‘Verifa helped us visualise, assess and define metrics for our software architecture using Lattix and integrated this into our CI pipelines using an 'Architecture as Code' approach to monitoring the architecture, which was a big help for our project goals.’

— Juha Mailisto, ABB Drives

quote Pierre-Henri Staneck, QA Systems

‘Working with Verifa for software services was very easy, and the staff we were working with were very technically minded. We had no problems communicating what we needed, or with getting the required feedback.’

— Pierre-Henri Staneck, QA Systems

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