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Verifa Services.

We provide a broad range of services to our customers worldwide. Our goal is to enable software teams to produce higher quality systems at a higher velocity, continuously. We achieve this by considering all parts of the software development and release process in order to streamline and automate tasks and train software teams in modern practices.

Our Services

Continuous Delivery

Our goal is to make software delivery as streamlined and automated as possible. Our vision is that software development and delivery will work like a factory production line; develop quality code, let automation kick in, admire the output.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is all about examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about what the data contains. We use software to automate and scale this process  enabling us to process large data sets, continuously. Our data analytics capabilities can help your team make more informed decisions and help you automate and improve on existing data analysis activities.

Open Source Compliance

Using Open Source Software requires some consideration and management of licenses and vulnerabilities. We are helping companies automate this process and bring the necessary information as close to development as possible.

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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code is a modern practice aimed at managing configurations through code where environments are no longer created and maintained manually, but automatically provisioned through code. This makes infrastructure maintainable, scalable, repeatable, and also fun!