Value Stream Assessment.

Map your value streams to identify waste and highlight opportunities for faster flow.

An illustration of woman holding a magnifying glass up to a screen displaying source code.

Why Value Streams?

Value Streams help us analyse the current flow in order to remove waste and to derive a more lean and continuous workflow. It documents the current process and highlights waste as well as opportunities for improvement.

Our approach.

What you get.

A thorough understanding of your software delivery value streams together with an actionable report to help you improve.


‘We are very happy with the report Verifa prepared for us. It provides findings to address, an understanding of why to address them and ideas for how to address them.’.

— Olli Suihkonen, Visma Software Oy.

Waste cards that we use during our workshops to highlight waste in your value streams.

Manual work
Late discovery
Unplanned work
  • Improve flow
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Get faster feedback
  • And understand why

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3 minutes

Value Stream Mapping with Visma Software Oy

During a two day workshop, Verifa helped create a Value Stream of Visma Software Oy's current delivery process that highlights opportunities for improvement on their Continuous Delivery journey.

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